Sink your teeth into a biscuit sandwich from The Biscuit Shop Company. There are plenty of different varieties you can choose from. Order your favorite or try something new. No matter what you get, you're sure to enjoy it.

If you'd like to order a flavor we don't currently have in stock, you can place your order at least a day in advance. Please choose from the menu of the day you plan to pick up your biscuits or any day prior to your scheduled pickup day.

Call now to ask about our frozen mini biscuits we sell they are perfect for any and every occasion!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of our biscuits

The sweet biscuits we prepare at our biscuit shop are delicious and filling. You can drop by and pick up biscuits for the whole family. Don't you deserve a sweet treat? Our specialty biscuits change twice a month. Make sure you keep checking back so you don't miss a new flavor.

We also sell frozen mini biscuits so you can enjoy a taste of The Biscuit Shop Company in your own home. You can bake these at home and serve them to your family, friends or coworkers. We'll even provide you with a pan!

Contact us today to learn more about the sweet biscuits available in Northport and Tuscaloosa, AL.



PRE-ordered by the dozen(s)
Ham Biscuit $3.95
Sausage Biscuit $3.95
Smoked Sausage Biscuit $3.95
Chicken Biscuit $3.95
Bacon Biscuit $3.95
Chicken little $1.85
Chicken Waffle $5.05

Add Bacon $1.50
Add Cheese 0.25


Our frozen mini biscuits are perfect for any and every occasion!
We keep the freezer stocked with various flavors and always have some on hand for you to order!

Frozen biscuits are great for purchasing before an event or the holidays to bake at home, for your family, a party, or even a meeting!

These are pre-cooked. We will provide a pan to finish baking the biscuits along with baking instructions.

Prices vary by flavor (from $9.00-$18.60) and each flavor comes by the dozen - glazes are an additional $1.00-$2.00.

If you would like to order a flavor that we do not currently have in stock, you can call (662) 324 - 3118 during business hours to place an order no less than 1 day in advance. We ask that you choose from the menu of the day you plan to pick up the biscuits, or any day PRIOR to your scheduled pick-up date and time.